Q. How do i know if a garment will fit properly?

     A.    We know that there isn't an exact formula for online clothes shopping and vintage size tags aren't always applicable to modern silhouettes. That is why we are diligent with measurements and have included a tutorial for taking accurate body measurements at home. Follow this link to the guide or find it under the FAQ tab on our homepage. We will always list tag sizes as a general reference, but please refer to measurements for the most accurate fit. 


Q. How do I care for my Garment?

     A.   As a rule of thumb, always follow the original care label found inside your garment. However, sometimes with age, care tags can wear thin and become illegible. We have found that if care tags show signs of wear the garment is likely machine washable (hence the tag distressing). We recommend cleaning machine washable items on a delicate cycle and tumble drying on low/delicate setting.  Many of our garments are 100% cotton or linen, which will shrink with heat. Always hang dry these items to avoid shrinkage or mis-shaping.     

     We have provided links with general care directions for natural fabrics here which can also be found under the FAQ tab on our homepage. If you have further care questions please reach us at SisterPetraVintage@gmail.com and we will do our best to accommodate you.