Sisters Rebecca and Ashely Payne grew up across the country from one another. They met for the first time at ages 5 & 11, and wouldn't meet again until their 20s. When reunited, they were amazed at how similar their tastes and interest were, despite separate upbringings. 
Both from humble beginnings, they each learned to treasure hunt at an early age, scouring consignment shops and flea markets for one-of-a-kind pieces that would distinguish their homes and personal styles. This resourcefulness became a way of life that has since grown into a mission of sustainability.
Joining forces in 2016, the sisters began Sister Petra with the heartfelt belief that simple is beautiful, and unique is always better than perfect.
Our journey has taught us that if you wish for something with good intentions and steady patience, it will find its way to you. We hope you love what you find here. 
— Ashley & Rebecca